posted Jun 29, 2015, 9:15 PM by kcerrudo@greatlakesyouthchoir.org

Thanks for a great concert at Crooked Tree.  Everybody worked hard and followed directions beautifully.  You sounded great.  Each of you looked very professional.  Mrs. Kukuk especially wants to tell you how lovely/handsome you all looked.  There was nothing out of place.  She is happy you understand what a difference it makes when you make that extra effort.

Because there have been so many requests from our guests to go shopping, the hosts agreed to cancel the two group activities.  So you are on your own.  We would still like to have lunch with the directors, Hoai Thu Nguyen (Sandy), Thao Dieu Vu, and Chi Thu Tran.  If you can drop them off at Whitecaps Restaurant at noon, this would be fine.  If you would like us to pick them up, please call us in the morning and we will arrange a pickup time.

Please remember that the Vietnamese should pack their main suitcase and be ready for it to go on the airplane.

At the farewell dinner the suitcase will be placed on the bus and will remain there until unloaded at the airport the next morning.  Personal items needed for overnight at the church and clothing for trip for Washington DC the next day is to be in their carry-on bag.

We still need air mattresses and cots if anyone has one. 

See you at the dinner at 6:00 – 7:30 at Word of Life Church, 403 Madison St., Petoskey.  We will then go to the First Christian Church for the overnight stay.  In re reading the schedule, we find that we have left a one hour gap in the schedule between the two churches.  Since it is too late to contact the churches tonight, we will have to deal with this tomorrow.  We will call you when we have clarified this gap.

Wear your LTYC lime green T-shirts please.

Also, please forgive us for missing Tresa Zowada and misspelling Hannah Watton.

We are very sorry about this.