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We talked with Sandy, who is the leader of the Vietnamese group to tell her that our host families always have the most current information (schedule).  Therefore we ask you, as hosts to direct your guests in what to wear, what time they must be ready and to be certain they have everything they need when they leave your house.  They should not disagree with your directions. If they do, have them call Sandy for clarification at 231 633 9750 or email her at 


Tomorrow everyone, including the Vietnamese participants should wear their exchange blue T-shirt.  LTYC, please wear khaki pants, half back hairstyle, tennis or walking shoes (no Flip Flops). We recommend the Vietnamese wear solid walking shoes as they have to walk up to the Fort.) 


The Vietnamese must have all costumes for their performance.  They will carry the costumes they wore today to the fort with them since they will be performing the same pieces they did at Perry Farms Village.  The other costumes may be left in the car/van while they are on the island. They will also need to take all of their instruments to Mackinaw City.  They will only take those instruments they used today with them to the island.  The others will be stored in Mackinaw City until they need them in the evening.


We plan to take the 9:30am ferry to the island.  In the event we cannot all get on that ferry, the first group will wait for the arrival of the second group.  We must be at the fort no later than 11:30am.  This gives the Vietnamese time to apply makeup and change into their pink, green and yellow costumes (the same costumes they wore at Perry Farms Village.) We cannot be late for the 12:30performance.  


Hosts:  If there are any problems communicating this to your Vietnamese guests, please have them call Sandy to translate this.

Also, remember to please bring sunscreen and send a sack lunch and a snack.


We plan to take the 5:00pm ferry back to Mackinaw City.  Do not be late or you will miss your dinner before the concert.


Once they get back to the mainland, we will regroup and will have access to all of the instruments and costumes needed for the evening concert.


If the host family does not plan to attend the evening performance in Mackinaw City, please be there at Conkling Heritage Park to pick up your guests at 9:00pm


Thanks for your careful attention to these details.


Sara 602 618 2807 and Jack 480 236 2196